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February 24, 2018


            24th Sports Day, validation of literary association, college student’s union council and 24th college Annual Day were celebrated on 24th Feb 2018 in the college campus. Mr.Monaharan, S.I of Police, Arachalur was the special invitee for the sports day.


            24.02.2018 morning sports day was conducted & Mr.Monaharan of police, Arachalur participated as guest and lighted Olympic torch and declared open the sports meet. Many events like running athletic, yoga, meditation, pyramid and dance were performed by the students. In the morning session in Tamil and English literary association Mrs.M.Ezlilarasi, Thiruvannamalai participated as speaker “Mannukketha Ponnu”. She gave Tamil literary speech eloquently and students were much inspired and motivated on Tamil literary by her speech. She has also distributed prizes for the winner of competition conducted by the literary association.


            In the evening 24th annual day of our college was celebrated very impressively Dr.K.S.Palanisamy IAS Tiruppur collector participated as chief guest of the function. The collector delivered innovative and informative speech among the students. He motivated all the students of our college to improve their bright future and increase the general knowledge on various features.


            He honored our staff members and non-teaching staff by distributing the gifts and presentation. After vote of thanks the function came to an end at 6.00 PM. The students of our college performed cultural events with more attractive manner.

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