Health Center

Health Center


    Our college has established “HEALTH CENTRE” combined with the Biochemistry Department in the year 2003.



  The salient features of health centre is to provide good health service to all the students, staff members and to the rural people. It helps to protect the life of human beings and prevents them from dreadful disease.

A commitee was constituted to perform the health services with the following members,

  1. Mrs.O.R.Kasthuri                         – Asst.Prof . in Bio-Chemistry (Co-Ordinator)
  2. Ms.K.Deepha                                – Asst. Prof .in Physics
  3. Ms.N.Mugila                                  – Asst. Prof .in Chemistry  
  4. Mrs.L.Sudha                                 – Asst. Prof. in Computer Applications

     The commitee meeting was conducted twice in a year . More than 10 students of our college are also added in this commitee for its services. This efficient commitee created an awareness among the public. The discussion will be held for conducting health camp. Decision will be taken for conducting such camp on a perticular date and inviting the doctor to participate in 6 th camp. Disscussion on allotment of fund for purchasing medicine. Decision will be taken to invite the public in and around arachalur for taking treatment .

“HEALTH CENTRE” – To prove this dictum  the health centre has been conducting medical camps frequently in our college, and in the adopted village for the benefit of the students, staffs and the rural mass. Through these camps, periodicals health checkups are provided By Dr.Karthikeyan and Dr.Malarvizhi selvaraj who have been appointed as our doctors to serve in our health centre.



  1. Health camp conducted blood grouping on 06.08.2003
  2. Free Eye camp& General checkup conducted on 03.02.2003 & 04.02.2003.
  3. Siddha Medicine and herbal Exhibition conducted on 05.02.2003.
  4. Health camp conducted on 25.09.2004.
  5. Blood Grouping camp on 28.07.2006.
  6. Health camp conducted cholestorl detection . Blood Sugar on 03.08.2007.
  7. Health Camp Conducted on 24.07.2008.
  8. Health Camp Conducted on 09.07.2009.
  9. General Medical Check- up and Breast Cancer Awareness Conducted on 04.01.2010.
  10. Health camp conducted – Blood Grouping , BP,BMI on 07.07.2011 & 08.07.2011.
  11. Blood Grouping camp conducted on 24.07.2012 & 25.07.2012.




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