Canteen opens  from 8.30am  to  6.30 pm.


          Navarasam provides the students an accommodation that will be a home feel and ambiance while staying at hostel. We provide a safe,clean,comfortable,eco-friendly environment in a lush green campus that supports the development of a vibrant navarasam student community. Overall students can have a pollution-free breath.

          Living in student accommodation can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Stay at our hostel during the academic period helps the students to forge for meaningful friendships and helps to learn how to live independently in a communal environment. There will also be opportunities for personal growth and development as the students starts adjusting to a new way of living and experience cultural diversity.


          Our navarasam hostel was established in the year 1994 from the inception of our hostel. The student strength has been increased in every year and the infrastructure facilities are simultaneously growing. Now our hostel has the capacity of accommodating nearly 700 students.


          The hostel is functioning with good infrastructure for the welfare of the students bosh physically & mentally. The notion of the hostel is to enhance the education, obedience & safety of the students. There are ample opportunities for rural area students. The hostel provides homely atmosphere to the students.

          The hostel offers various regular activities to develop their personality. Yoga common prayers have been conduction in every morning to enrich their decorum. Various committee has been allotted for props enrichment of the hostel. Proper ventilation, fresh air, purified drinking water & hygienic food are the special features of our hostel. Prominent place is being given in education as well as sports activities. Facilities such as library, health center gymnasium & net lab are provided to the hostel students. Literary competitions are conducted once in a month to enrich their knowledge.

          The future planning are to create vegetable garden by using recycling water, to get electricity from solar energy and to get vermin compost fertilizer from earth warm farm.


          The hostel is meant to be yet another home for students. The inmates of the hostel are expected to be mutually friendly and co-operative with their fellow students.Students are not allowed to go out the hostel without the written permission of the warden/deputy warden, except during the generally permitted house/periods.

  1. Inmates should return to the hostel before 8.00 p.m. in genuine cases they will be allowed in after  8.00 p.m. with the prior permission of the warden/deputy warden.

  2. Inmates desirous of staying outside the hostel shall submit a written request from the parent or guardian and obtain prior permission from the warden/deputy warden.

  3. A student is permitted to go home for week-ends once in a month. Students going out for a week-end must duly inform the hostel and return to the hostel on the respective Sunday before 8.00 p.m.

  4. Visitors are allowed only between 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Sunday. The visitor’s name and relationship shall be entered in the visitor’s register. All visitors must leave the hostel by 4.00 p.m.

  5. Inmates of the hostel are expected to be back inside the hostel before 5.00 p.m. on visitor’s day. No students will be permitted to stay outside the hostel during the night.

  6. Study hours will be followed from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. silence hours will be observed from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. to 10.00 a.m. students must remain in their respective room/study hall during the study during the study hours.

  7. Students can make use of the recreation hall from 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. daily. Shuttle, badminton, table tennis,  carom and chess are available for them.

  8. Visitors authorized by the parent will be allowed to meet the inmates on Saturdays (if it is a holiday) and Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. only after producing their visitor cards to the warden in duty. The visitor’s name and their relationship shall be entered in the visitor’s register. Visitor shall leave the hostel by 4.00 p.m.

  9. Students who wish to attend religious rituals (service, mass, prayer, etc.,)on a regular basis every week or on special occasions, will be permitted upon a written request from their parents giving full details , place, timings, etc.

  10. No outside include the parent or relative of the student will be permitted inside the hostel premises on working days.

  11. Phone calls to and from the hostel will be entertained only during notified timings.

  12. Incoming  phone calls are permitted only from parents/guardians and only during the following timings 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m., 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

  13. When students are away from their rooms at any time for fairly longer durations, they should switch off the lights.

  14. Students should not keep heavy cash or jewellary or costly item in their rooms.


1  Mr.S.C.Duraisamy,  Asst Treasurer
2  Mr.R.Kailasam  Member
 3  Mr.A.chinusamy  Member
 4  Mr.K.Poosappan  Member
 5  Mr.Mahandhiran  Member


1  Ms.M.Balamani M.Com<CA>.,M.Phil.,  Chief  Warden
 2  Ms.S.Saranya MCA.,  Asst .Warden
 3  Ms.S.Narmatha B.Com.,  Asst .Warden


    1. Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form. An applicant will be admitted in the hostel with the approval of the warden/principal.

    2. Every student before he is admitted to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he / she will submit himself to any rules & regulations imposed by authorities.

    3. This shall be endorsed by the parent/guardian also in the attached declaration form.

    4. At the time of admission, the applicant should remit the fee as prescribed by the college.


    1. The rooms are furnished with shelves and cots for the student. Each room is provided with fans. hostel room are bath-attached.


    1. The hostels be under the control of the principal .The principal shall be the chief warden for the hostel. The warden’s decision shall be final in the interpretation of rules and in the all matters connected with the hostel.

    2. Our institution principal take responsibility as chief warden which make the hostel stay a disciplined and secured in every way.



    1. Ragging or harassment of tresher by seniors of the college hostel any  where , and in any form is strictly  prohibited . Ragging is punishable as per the supremecourt.

    2. In any case of ragging, the institute will lodge a police complaint against the miscreant and will be dealt with as per law.

    3. College may impose minimum punishment for ragging by suspending for one academic year with fine.

    4. The maximum punishment is expulsion from the college hostel.


    1. Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their own belongings . The institute is not responsible for any kind of theft.

    2. Students involved in any kind of disturbances in public places shall be under the general law &order authority.

    3. They should ensure safety of college/hostel properties as their own.


    1. They should behave with restraint and decorum. Shouting , reading aloud and other acts likely to disturb other inmates during hours of study should be avoided at all times.

    2. There shall be an executive committee of inmates in each hostel consisting of Asst-warden , hostel secretary and representative of the in-mates.the executive committee shall meet once every month.

    3. The general body meeting will be conducted as and when necessary and should be attended by all       in-mates . visitors who come to the hostel must leave before 6.00p.m

    4. No student should indulge in any undesirable activity thereby causing problems to the smooth functioning of the hostel.

    5. Study hours are observed from 6.00p.mto08.00pm.and 9.00.pmto 10.00p.m students should devote these hours only to their studies.

    6. Attendance will be taken by the deputy warden during study hours.

    7. No student is allowed to go out of the hostel after 6.00p.m.

    8. Prior permission should be obtained from the warden for entertaining visitors/guests in the hostel. They are required to maintain order and discipline.

    9. Hostel common properties are meant for common use and taking them for personal or group use is not entertained.

    10. No student is permitted to stay back in the hostel, even if they are sick, without the permission of the warden.

    11. The warden should be kept informed of the sick students in the room to provide them with the necessary medical assistance and constant monitoring.

    12. Carrying food in tiffin boxes is strictly prohibited.

    13. Complaints should be addressed to the faculty allotted and solutions should be drawn with the concern of the respective faculty.

    14. Possessing personal mobile phone is strictly banned. If found it will be seized and serious action will be taken on the possessor and the owner.

    15. Every student should submit a seprate permission latter to go home and they should sign in the movement register. Failure to adhere to this rule will be considered seriously.

    16. The visitors will the valid identity card, authorized by the parents and countersigned by the warden only will be permitted to meet the students or take them home.

    17. Students returning from home should reach the college hostel before 6.00p.m.


The students hostels are designed and built keeping in mind the main aspects of comfortable lifestyle . spacious rooms with attached bath are available.

A spacious and modern kitchen with steam cooking caters to the appetites of hostel residents , serving deliciously healthy and nutritious food . Special care is taken to maintain strict hygienic condition.

The institution takes special care to provide the necessary provision and creates a secured atmosphere for the inmates.

  1. Hostel rooms are furnished with lamp , cots and bookshelves with good ventilation and lighting.

  2. Ventilated and spacious rooms with fans and adequate light facilities are provided to the inmates.

  3. Pure drinking water is provided.

  4. Bathrooms to the students are maintained hygienically with 24hours water facilities.

  5. First aid box are provided and van for emergency purpose is given to the hostels for the students with separate washing place and airing space.

  6. Laundry facility is provided to the students with separate washing place and airing space.

  7. The hostel is through surrounded by farm lands ,the institution has taken special care in growing a garden within the hostel campus well maintained lawn.

  8. Telephone facilities are available.

  9. Intercom facilities for all the rooms

  10. Well equipped gymnasium.

  11. Uninterrupted power supply-a dedicated 125 kv generator for hostel students.

  12. Nearby banking facility which can be used even after college hours.

  13. Special food and care is adopted for sick students as per the advice of the in-house doctor . Also sick room is available.

  14. Special arrangements are made for muslim students during Ramzan fasting period .onam is celebrated for students from kerala . deepavali, pongal are celebrated grandly.

  15. Ragging free and strict discipline.

  16. In-campus wardens & superintendents.

  17. Stand by generators,24 hours water supply.

  18. Ventilated dining hall

  19. Visitors hall and guest room.

  20. Common room with Tv , music.

  21. Stationeries , cosmetics & snakes


A pure vagetarian mess is functioning in the hostel. The stress is on providing hygienically prepared food. The centralized kitchen uses steam and gas for cooking. The kitchen is equipped with modern cooking equipment and gadgets for preparation of doughs , chutneys , cutting of vegetables , etc.

The mess charges will be on dividing system. Every effort is made to keep the bill at affordable level, with the cooperation of student in avoiding wastage use of water economical


A student as soon as she is admitted into the institute hostel will also be enrolled with one of the messes (unless she takes permission to be a day scholar from the institute authorities).

  1. Admission will be made on payment of the specified mess deposit and other fees.

  2. The mess bill for a given month will be calculated and announced through treasurer the daily circular of the hostel, during the second week of the next month.

  3. In case of long continuous absence with due intimate , reduction will be allowed for the number of days of absence for more then 6 days.

  4. Dining hall should be always kept neat & clean.


    •        5.00 a.m. -6.00 a.m. – Meditation, yoga & prayer.

    •        6.00 a.m. -6.45 a.m. – Coffee

    •        7.45 a.m. -9.00 a.m. – Breakfast

    •        12.50 p.m. -1.30 p.m. – Lunch

    •        4.30 p.m. -5.30 p.m. – Tea

  •        8.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. – Night supper


  1. Sewing machines and typewriter machines are provided

  2. To enrich the student’s knowledge newspapers, magazines and weeklies are provided.

  3. Sports equipments are provided to encourage the students in sports. Facilities for indoor games are available inside the hostel campus.


The college hostel has a health centure and a dualified lecturer cum medical officer takes care of the students, teaching, non-teaching slaff, and all the other workers in the hostel campus. This centre has a well-conditioned room, which has one bed, attached bathroom and other facilities.

A medical practioner is appointed to visit the hostel every for an hour. However the service at call will be available round the clock.the college hostel has an understanding with nearby hospital, in Arachalur to attend to emergencies and inpatient facilities.


    1. Library is the knowledge power house of our hostel. Library caters to the research and teaching activities of institutions.

    2. It collects, manages and disseminates the information to its user according to their need. Library is situated in the heart of the hostel incorporating the modern technologies so as to provide the readers right information at the right time.


  1. Daily newspapers and other magazines in various subjects are available in the reading room.

    The following newspapers are subscribed for the reading room.

  •                     The Hindu

  •                     Dina Malar

  •                     Daily Thanthi

  •                     Dinakaran

  1. All the members of staff and the students can make use of these periodicals in the reading room only.

  2. Periodicals will not be issued under any circumstances


The students practicing various sports ond games are given routine physical exercises over and above the yoga and meditation which strengthen the concentration and contribution of the players.

The physical education department strives hard to bring out the innate talents of all player , which is the goal and also the quality policy of this college.

To facilitate the great environment for all the cultural events we have a well furnished auditorium spread over in the midst of all college premises. A number of functions are organized in the auditorium throughout the year.


This is really a respectable place, students studying here   not only gets the study/book/technological knowledge, but also spiritual knowledge . for those who likes who likes discipline ; this is a right place.


At a time at least one of the persons holding the identity card are strictly permitted to meet the inmates and that too only on Sundays between 10.00 to 6.00 p.m. on any account any other person not holding the identity card will not be permitted to meet any of the inmates.


  1. In all financial matters,the hostel expects to interact with the parentsguardians.

  2. If a student is found guilty of indiscipline ,the hostel resarves the right to take disciplinary action against her and inform the parents /guardians about the action so taken

  3. In some cases the hostel may call the parents /guardians for a meeting to discuss various issues of student .healthy cooperation in this regard is ever solicited.


Telephone facilities are made available in the hostel the immates should talk to their parents/ guardians only. All letter correspondence should be made by the inmates only through deputy warden. Strict discipline should be maintained in the hostel.


Absolute silence at the prescribed hours is necessary for fruitful study so that every student can concentrate on the work at hand. Absolute silence should be maintained within the hostel during the study hours.

The primary purpose of the hostel is to provide the student a conducive atmosphere to engage in assiduous and diligent study the students are to help in creating an environmeht that is apt for academic, intellectual hand work.

The students need to develop a disciplined lifestyle in order to achieve the best results possible.

Silence should be maintaind during the compulsory study hours[6.00 pm-8.00 and 9.00 p.m-10.00 p.m].no student is permitted to loiter along the corridor during the study house. Violation of the rule will be viewed seriously.


  1. Every student holds the responsibility to keep their rooms neat and tidy. The warden is empowered to dispose anything [including dresses] form the untidy rooms. The students who violate this will not be Permitted To Go Home On Weekends.

  2. Members should keep their rooms scrupulously clean, soiled things and clothes should be stored out of sight . discarded rags and papers should not be thrown about in the rooms, terrace and premises. The rooms, doors etc should not be disfigured by writing, stick-ing handbills, posters etc.


  1. Audio system is played in hostel during holidays for relaxation.

  2. Television with multi-channels is provided in the hostels for regular updating of current news and special programs over the active world during holidays

  3. To entertain and engage the student’s in a useful venture,the institution arranges hostel trip every year


Hostel is the hub of academic, social and cultural activities.The residents of the hostel elect members from among themselves to manage the affairs of the student community.The hostel union members are the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Mess Representatives.

Various festivals and functions are organized in the hostel campus.

Starting from the cold month in January to the year-end December it makes a way to happiness and joy in the life of students with lots of beautiful memories which are cherished through years.Special arrangements are made for each celebration along with special food as per the occasion.


Navarasam Institution has spacious canteen at each of its campus.

At the canteen, dishing out menus are highly popular among students as well as staffs.

Students enjoy their food in the clean, well maintained, aesthetic and appetizing atmosphere .Most people fondly remember their college canteen as one of their life’s high points.

It is the place where they keep their creative juices flowing with hot discussions, chewing ideas, exchanging and sharing strongly held opinions and eatables. A variety of hygienic food and snack items includes Variety rice, Cakes, Fresh Juices, Fruits and Ice Creams.

Canteen has become a welcome break for both the students and staffs and is the daily hob-nob after college hours. The canteen is the lifeblood of the students. The homely atmosphere and aroma of delicious food permeates the air as they eat, drink and chat. It remains a focal place of the students for rest and refreshment.

Menus of different varieties for both day vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Students are free to design the menus on a request to the Principal/ Chief Warden.

Canteen opens  from 8.30am  to  6.30 pm.




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